KID CUDI VS. WALE [news clipping]

You know Mainstream (Commercial) Hip-Hop is lacking luster when The Source doesn\’t know what to talk about anymore and just prints whatever headlines can grab as much attention as possible.

Kid Cudi VS. Wale……. seriously though, really? Will anybody care? But if you happen to be one of those that actually does, don\’t worry, I got your fix right here:
Lame On Lame … A Game For Losers (click here to read full story, via


My “G.T.F.O.H. response was pretty much a mix of the curiosity behind the
insults and my brain dealing with the hilarity of the thought of Kid Cudi trying
to diss anyone. Turns out a line from a Wale freestyle, “Throwin round wallets
like the dude that Kid Cudi hit.” And apparently that little line was enough to
lift Cudis skirt and bring out his sensitive side, causing him to fire off shots
on everything from Wale being a “simple ass rapper” to “Ye ain\’t give you no
beats because we ain\’t fucking with your raps,“ all the while declaring his
status in the game as “incomparable,” “unfuckwitable.” and a “wizard” Wow, where
to begin…

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