We all deal with different levels of Drama, be it at work or with parents/family/friends, sometimes it\’s love or health-related, maybe even financially-related, there\’s always a certain level of Drama that exists in everybody\’s life.

I find it extremely difficult to believe that somebody has ZERO drama in their life. If that\’s the case, I\’d check their heartbeat & vitals to make sure they are still alive.

Drama is a part of this world, it\’s part of L.I.F.E. and it is a source of Stress, Anxiety, Panic, Gossip and sometimes, Beefs. There are people that live for drama, their life would be meaningless without it, they apparently are so bored in their life that they have an unquenchable need to start shit up just to keep their life interesting. I\’ve had the misfortune of dealing with such folks. B to the S – Bullshit I tell you. Those people should get themselves involved in volunteering, maybe take up a hobby or something…. paint, sculpt, write poetry, learn how to play an instrument, ANYTHING is better than starting up drama cuz you\’re bored.

In any event, the focus of this post is not drama-instigators, but how to DEAL with drama… Essentially, how you face and solve drama, has a big impact on the rest of your life. I know this because I\’ve gone through the journey of learning how to deal with drama, on my own. At first, usually when confronted with drama, we go into panic/frantic mode… like:

WTF should I DO? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?! How come I\’m in this situation again? How should I deal with this? Why me…why why WHY?! How come people can\’t leave me out of their drama?

All common questions. What most people do is get stuck in the emotions, and start downward spiralling into the abyss of depression, panic and anxiety… not to mention stress. Yes, we\’ve ALL been there. Now, as I mentioned in my previous blog \”ATTITUDE & OUTLOOK: YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHOOSE TO LIVE A HAPPIER LIFE\”, it\’s all about your Attitude & Outlook on the world and in life. Yeah, the world\’s messed up & gon\’ crazy, and sorry to burst anybody\’s bubble, but it\’s only gonna get a whole lot worse before it gets any better – God willing it will get better for all, I pray!

That being said, shift your focus from over-analyzing the drama or the situation, to seeing what LESSON(S) need to be learned from the EXPERIENCE of the drama. Is it to be more careful with whom you trust? Is it to not be so selfish or selfless? Is it to take better care of your health, or not take your loved one(s) for granted? Or is it just a case of bad karma coming back to slap you in the face? Whatever it is, there\’s definitely a LESSON (or LESSONS) to be learned. Believe, nothing happens in this world without any reason to it.

Also, best thing to do is to pull yourself out of the drama, re-focus and control your temper, avoid escalations. I\’m not saying be afraid of confrontations, I\’m just saying, THINK BEFORE ACTING OR SPEAKING OUT OF NEGATIVE EMOTIONS/THOUGHTS… been there done that, didn\’t do any good, just fucked myself over. That\’s why I\’m sharing this tidbit of wisdom, so it can help others going through any tough moment in their life. And remember, EVERYTHING in this life is TEMPORARY, that includes DRAMA. It\’s not gonna last forever, just keep your foot on the ground, your head on your shoulders and FOCUS.

Sometimes, when we cannot change the situation, we\’re left with another option: changing the way we look at the situation. Instead of internalizing the pain and letting it drag us down, maybe take the good from the bad and project positivity back into the universe, shifting the energy from negative to positive. Realistically speaking, it\’s difficult cuz yeah, sadness, disappointment, frustration or even anger get the best of us. Word, it is what it is. However, it\’s no excuse to just give in to those light-dimming energy-draining emotions. We can\’t always be Happy and Positive, but we can be consciously aware of the emotions/thoughts/feelings we\’re going through and be in CONTROL of them… not letting them control us!

Remember this: Your Energy Flows where your Attention Goes. If you focus too much on the drama and not on the lessons that need to be learned, than you\’re gonna let the drama get the best of you. And that\’s not what you want, right? RIGHT! You wanna get yourself away from negative people, people that are so bored with their routine-based lives and have nothing better to do than start up unnecessary Bullshit. Find a positive fun happy chill ambitious driven crowd to chill with, the more positive energy and positive emotions and positive thoughts and positive people you surround yourself with, the more your SOUL is gonna feed off of it and supply you with the Energy you NEED to keep going through life… and all its cycles of drama.

After all, all drama is, is Wisdom-Waiting-To-Be-Acquired In Disguise… SO GO GET IT!

Hope this post helps you, sheds light into your soul and inspires you to rise above and beyond drama.

Peace, Respect
and always in ALL ways…

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