L.I.F.E. is not easy, it wasn\’t meant to be… if it is, you\’re either being lazy or not living at all. We all go through hardships, what makes the difference between a happy person and a miserable person, is their ATTITUDE & OUTLOOK on the World. Miserable people give too much room in their heart & mind to negative thoughts, feelings & emotions. Doing so only dims the Light of their Faith, the dimmer it gets, the less clarity & vision their soul will have.

In contrast… Happy people who, regardless of the trials & triumphs, stay focused & positive, who patiently persevere against the odds, they live to project Hope unto others & inspire those around them. It\’s true that some people are born that way, the happy-go-lucky\’ types, but for most of us, it\’s a matter of CHOICE. We CHOOSE to not be miserable & depressed for we\’ve learned it serves no good whatsoever. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, wants to spend time or be around miserable bitter angry frustrated people. Positive people, they strive daily to increase the Light of the Torch of their FAITH, they face struggles and hardships just like everybody else, but they consciously & spiritually concentrate their energy on staying away from negative emotions and thoughts.

In the end… people should stop complaining so much, we should count our blessings and give praise to our loving & merciful creator… whether you call him Allah, God or Dieu… He\’s one and the same for ALL of us.

And remember, we ALL have the POWER to CHOOSE How we want to live our L.I.F.E…. being miserable sucks and will lead to a life of self-pity, bitterness & loneliness. Being Happy, staying focused on the positive, while being reasonable & realistic as well as being grateful for all the blessings no matter the odds, will make your Soul shine Brighter and your Faith Stronger. It\’s YOUR choice… so Choose Wisely.

and always in ALL ways…
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