Arrogance… when the mentality of thinking you\’re \”Holier than thou\”, and there\’s nothing more that God despises than people who behave & conduct themselves in such ways. I find it a sign of weakness. It\’s like they\’re covering up something, or making up for a shortcoming or something…

When I deal with Arrogant people, I know inside of them they see themselves as small people so they have to put you down to feel better about themselves. Arrogance leads to condescending behavior. And nobody likes to be talked down to… Fuck, I don\’t care if you\’re a Rockstar, Doctor, NBA Baller, Gangsta Rap Star, Lawyer, President, Princess, Whomever… you ain\’t better than anybody else…. Like Who the Fuck are you? Did you Create me? NO, so you ain\’t more important than me, sit your ass down and be humble. We all EQUALS.

Arrogance, is when you give up too much of your energy & focus by placing too much attention on the empty meaning behind titles or designations, or think too highly of yourself and that you\’re more important than others. Arrogant people are WICKITY WICKITY WACK!

Words Of Wisdom: Arrogance & Pride stifle Humility, and we need Humility to build up Unity within Humanity. Always keep your Arrogance & Pride in check – those two of Ego\’s Ugly Poisons are counterproductive to Progress – actually, anything that is control or dominated by the Ego is counterproductive to Progress, Real Talk. Plus, nooooobody digs Arrogant People with too much Pride, they need to take a pill of reality, check themselves in the mirror and come back down to earth, fo\’real.
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