It really sucks BIG TIME when jealousy messes up friendships or business alliances or partnerships… that and Envy… they\’re two of Ego\’s Ugly Poisons.

Jealousy & Envy, hand in hand they go against progress, they serve no good purpose at all. They prevent unifications, create divisions, stir up collisions, nothing but POISONS to the Mind & Soul. They breed darkness, suck up light, cloud sound judgement and wreak havoc on our inner peace of mind.

Some might argue that in relationships you need a healthy dose of Jealousy, it\’s how you know your partner still wants you… Well, I ain\’t down with that, I\’ll agree to disagree with them. I\’d rather the trust & communication of mutual love & respect for one another… that\’s how you know your partner still desires & wants you. I digress…

Words of Wisdom: CLEANSE YOUR ENERGY FROM JEALOUSY & ENVY, RELEASE IT – BE IN CONTROL OF THEM, DON\’T LET THEM CONTROL YOU. If we can all somehow manage to do that, than Humanity can begin laying down the foundation of Building Bridges within Humankind, fo\’real.

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