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‎I\’ve always thought that The Police were supposed to work in the favor of their citizen\’s best interest to protect and watch over them like society\’s Guardian Angels (man, that\’s such a naive outlook I know)… But I guess nowadays instead of going after the real crooks & criminals, the Police abuse the power they\’ve been given, which is a privilege… They literally extort hard working people who are trying to make an honest living.

Man, I\’ve never had the Police do anything good for me, or for anybody else I know. All I see them do is lurking in dark shadows on the Streets or the Highway, waiting on an opportunity to pull somebody over to fine them with a ticket. If they\’re not doing that, they\’re out checking on hot women as they cruise up and down the busy streets of the city…

They\’ve become a pack of power-trippin\’ Bullies… picking on the small guy, when it\’s the People that gave them that power in the first place, not to mention WE PAY for their salaries. Look, I ain\’t knocking on the HONEST officers who put their life on the line, that actually go after real criminals, there are good ones out there —- or at least, I hope they still do exist. I\’m just saying, most of the time I had run-ins with \”the Law\”, they were there to try to intimidate and make money off my ass. I don\’t advocate violence against Police, but I do advocate the People\’s RIGHT to a Corrupt-Free Law Enforcement that doesn\’t Abuse of its Power, doesn\’t Intimidate its Citizens, does its job of FINDING, FIGHTING & STOPPING CRIME and most importantly Protect the People!

Then they wonder why NOBODY likes them…
The Police, Today\’s Robin Hood of the Wealthy & Corrupted. That\’s why my new updated definition for them is…



FYI: This definition is ONLY for the wackass corrupt Cops who do nothing but badger good innocent folks.

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