THE 401TH POST!!! / LOWKEY "TERRORIST?" [mini-blog + official music video]

Lowkey performing at King Tut\'s Wah Wah Hut as...Image via WikipediaOver 6000 visitors and now the 401th Blog Post – THE M.O.E.C.A.S.H. CHRONICLES™ – \”The Blog Of Choice for Enlightened Readers seeking Wisdom & Wit… not Bullshit\” keeps on growing. I\’m just gonna take a moment to thank all the loyal readers, I genuinely appreciate your support. I hope y\’all have as much pleasure reading it as much as I do writing each new blog post. THANK YOU.

To mark this occasion, I just got word that Lowkey dropped a new music video, this one\’s a track called \”Terrorist?\”. Kinda Ironic that he released it on the eve of the Sept 11th attacks… Actually, I don\’t think it\’s Ironic my bad, I think he\’s sending out a message that Muslims/Arabs are NOT terrorists and the whole Islamic community should not be the scapegoats for what we know now is an INSIDE JOB.

Nonetheless, many innocent souls perished, so I\’m sending out my respect & deepest sympathies to the families of the deceased from the 9-11 attacks, and to all families who have to deal with the burden of losing their loved ones during times of war and natural disasters, from Iraq to Pakistan, Afghanistan to Haiti and every where else. Rest assured God is GREAT and He knoweth & seeeth all things, concealed and revealed, so Judgment Day will rectify once & for al all the injustices of this harsh world. Your lives are not lost in vain, God Rest your Souls in Peace.

Here\’s the new clip… LOWKEY \”TERRORIST?\” (CAUTION: There are graphic images at the end of the video, not for the faint of heart)

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