This clip I\’m posting up goes to follow up on what I discussed previously in my posts entitled \”ENERGY (Part 1) – THE LIGHT WITHIN THE CORE OF OUR SOUL [blog]\” and \”ENERGY (Part 2) – THE TORCH OF FAITH [blog]\”.

Interestingly enough, it does not mention Faith. For some reason, most people in today\’s world are either frightened by or in denial about the existence of God. Like the concept of \’The Secret\’ for example, it\’s really no secret at all. It is the order of the Universe which is part of a Divine design. All of God\’s Wisdom told us to pray, focus on positive thoughts, undertake righteous actions, stay humble, be good unto others, project love in all we do and He\’ll answer our prayers. It seems like the moment you take God out of the picture, it draws more people in… weird, no? I think so.

In any event, I still found this video clip insightful as it does have a very good message. Watch it and share it.

1Love & Maximum Blessingz

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