PASTOR TERRY JONES INTERVIEW (courtesy of CNN) [mini-blog + videoclip]

I was debating if I should give this fool any room on my blog… In case you\’ve been living under a rock, this (extremely extremist & very controversial) Pastor is calling on burning of the Koran on 9-11 as a way to send a message to the Islamic Radicals that \’Enough is Enough\’.

I think it\’s disgusting for ANY leaders from ANY religion to promote hatred unto another group of people. I mean, what\’s this guy\’s point??? Is is that starved for media attention??? Seriously, this man needs to get a brain of his own AND an instruction manual on how to use it.

I could let this get me mad, but people like him don\’t deserve the slightest of our energy — so I laugh at him because he\’s only proving 1 thing by calling on people to burn the Glorious Koran & promoting hatred against Islam: that he\’s on the same level of patheticness as the radical fundementalists he\’s trying to send a message to. He obviously doesn\’t even know what the real message of Jesus Christ was.

Well, let\’s see what this ignorant bigot is going do tomorrow, on 9-11… will he proceed or concede??? Only time will tell.

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