SOUL CALL (Part 2) [blog]

God-Dieu-Allah, the 1 real true supreme creator/ruler of the Universe, is oft-forgiving and merciful, He is loving otherwise why did He send us a messenger like Jesus Christ who was an example of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE?

The Prophets/Messengers delivered God\’s Divine Message. Flawed men divided it and misinterpreted it and some evil forces secretly infiltrated it and corrupted it… Make no Mistake. There is still 1 Book of Holy Scripture that remains unaltered – intact since its inception……… it is the Preserved word of God, the Book of Divine Wisdom. It is known as the Glorious Koran… It is not just for Muslims, it is for ALL OF HUMANITY. They\’ve tried time and time again to destroy it, take verses out of context and paint it with violence… Those people shall be dealt with on Judgement Day – but if ever you are looking for ANSWERS, this Collection of God\’s Pure Wisdom will heal your soul and provide you so much comfort.

I\’m not saying all other Holy Scriptures are void of truth, actually, I ENCOURAGE everyone to read as many books as possible and use your common sense and reasoning. God\’s Message is UNIVERSAL. Read the Blessed Bible, know it, understand it, appreciate it.

I\’m sending this one out to everyone that believes in 1 God, it\’s about humanity versus the devil, get it right, it\’s not about Jewish vs Christian vs Islam – that\’s like a family feud, we\’re killing ourselves while the devil laughs his ass off. Brothers and Sisters, time is of the essence. It\’s on the younger generation to switch up the mentality, forget the old folks, they\’re too stuck in their flawed ways… look where they lead us?! Is this the world you want YOUR KIDS to grow up in?! It\’s on us to shift the course of humanity\’s history towards a more positive tone. If I get shot down one day, you\’ll know why. But I ain\’t thinking those thoughts too much cuz I don\’t want to give that energy any life… nawwww, my energy is CENTRALIZED on Empowering as well as Uplifting my peoples, my peoples are ones that LOVE and Worship and Praise God-Dieu-Allah.

1 love, 1 God, and always in ALL ways…

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