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One of the qualities I have is also one of my biggest flaws… my non-greedy generous nature (I got it from my mom & pop)……. it gets taken advantage of time and time again… and I have to constantly remind myself, it\’s okay to be a little bit selfish, so long as it don\’t hurt anybody and it\’s in balance/equilibrium/harmony with my selflessness.

That being said, it doesn\’t shake away the feeling of being USED. I mean, I can only blame myself for letting myself get used. I\’m a good guy, I love helping people… but some people man, some people just don\’t deserve the help, forgive me God for saying that. Those types of people I\’m talking about are the ones that are really selfish and only look out for their own best interest, they couldn\’t give a flying fuck what happens to you next, soon as they\’re done using you for whatever they needed – you\’re old news, put to the side, tossed in the trash can, well… until they need you again.

Maaaan, I\’ve come across soooooooo many people that fit the profile of \’USERS\’ in my life, it\’s no wonder humanity is in the crazy messed up state that it is in. Most people are \’TAKERS\’ – they just want to take and take and take and take, never give back. Sad. So Sad. It\’s really prominent in the entertainment industry. You know, you go out of your way to help somebody out, and do they even consider the option of returning the favor to you when they know you could use the help….? From personal experiences, very rarely ever. Everyone\’s looking for a FREE ride, a Hand-out. They don\’t see what M.O.E.C.A.S.H. has done, all the sacrifices I had to make, all the hard work I put in, to be where I\’m at, and I\’m still not at at where I want to be or where I envisioned myself to be at this point in my life…. But anyways, that\’s besides the point…..

USED is not something I will allow myself to continue being. I\’m tired of this feeling. I\’m fed up of seeing everybody use me to get where they want to go, and once they are there, they forget all about M-O-E. FYI: I\’m not referring to anybody in specific, so don\’t get it twisted.

I\’m switching up my mentality… I just hope God helps my spirit to adjust to it… cuz I know me, I looooooove helping people, that\’s where I get the biggest sense of fulfillment from. I guess I\’m just gonna have to learn how to separate between those who deserve my help and those who don\’t.

On that note….
Peace, Respect
and Always in ALL ways….

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