Pain… it\’s what I feel every day through my veins

Pain… it\’s too much sometimes, I find it hard to maintain

Pain… from all the struggles & hardships I\’ve been through

Pain… will always be a part of life, no matter what I do

Loneliness… felt at the depth of my immensely vast chest

Loneliness… cuz this heart\’s got so much love to give & invest

Loneliness… cuz each day passes and I don\’t get any younger

Loneliness… feenin\’ to quench my heart\’s insatiable hunger

Pain… people wonderin\’ what\’s wrong with me, why am I not happy?

Pain… the state of the world that my eyes see, concerned for humanity

Pain… cuz I\’ve strived for so damn long, and I know there\’s still more to go

Pain… cuz this ain\’t a sad feelin-sorry-for-myself song, it\’s how I embrace Pain so my heart can let it flow….

Loneliness… dear God-Dieu-Allah Almighty please send me one of your Angels to by my companion in life

Loneliness.. cuz even though I can live alone, still this King needs a Queen to share the throne… as my wife…

Loneliness… with so much love to give to all of humanity, I wanna pour it into a special woman\’s heart…

Loneliness… cuz my soul feels like it\’s missing the last piece of the puzzle… we\’re just physically apart…

©2010 M.O.E.C.A.S.H. / I.R.I.E. All Rights Reserved. No parts of or the entirety of this composition can be reproduced or published elsewhere without the proper consent and authorization of its author.

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