Positive Energy ( + ) adds, Negative Energy ( – ) substracts. All this is tied to the Torch of Faith.

You\’re going through L.I.F.E. as if it were a maze, and in order to see the upcoming challenges (what\’s ahead), you have been given a Torch. The more positive energy you projects and manifest, the more it adds ( + ) light to this Torch, the brighter it gets, the more clearly you can see, better clarity. The more negative energy you absorb and repress, it takes away from this light ( – ), dimming it, giving you less visibility, less vision.

Feed your Torch of Faith more Light, by adding more Positive Energy so you can nagivate through the darkness of this World. Manifest Positive Actions, Positive Behavior, Positive Thoughts and Positive Emotions. It\’s normal that we get sucked up by negativity, it\’s all around us, the key is to be aware and conscious that it\’s happening when it\’s happening and to disconnect from it.

That\’s all for now. 1LOVE and Sending lots of positive energy, recycle it and spread it further. See More

– Man Of Entity Calling All Spiritual Humanity (M.O.E.C.A.S.H.)
(C) 2010.

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