We are beings that transmit and receive negative and positive energy, the Universe reciprocates our energies.

The more negative energy we transmit, the worse the world will get… in contrast, the more we transmit positive energy, the better the world becomes. Sounds elementary, but it\’s a matter of applying it and setting it in motion.

Thoughts and actions create energy. Our Spirit is the source of this energy (God is the Creator of this Energy). Our Soul (which is linked to our higher consciousness) is the Satellite, our heart feels it, our mind interprets/analyzes it & our body reacts to it. Emotions are energy. Sadness is negative energy, likewise Happiness is positive energy. Kindness unto others, like helping someone, creates positive energy, whereas robbing someone creates negative energy.

Very simple concept….. The goal is to beam positive energy, through positive actions, positive emotions (like for example Love) and positive thoughts. Positive energy is light, similarly, negative energy is darkness. Hope I\’m not going too deep here.

Prayer focuses this energy. Meditation harnesses it. Enlightenment intensifies the energy. Paradise is a place after we pass on, if we\’re good according to Divine Laws, but it is also finding the place of peace within your core… Energy completely in balance and harmony within Mother Nature and the Universe.

(Don\’t ask how I know all this… it\’s the positive energy in me that\’s speaking at this very moment). Hope I created positive energy by sharing wisdom.

Much Love and Maximum Blessingz.
– Man Of Entity Calling All Spiritual Humanity (M.O.E.C.A.S.H.)

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