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Earlier today, someone asked me what do I believe in…. this was my response…. I thought I\’d share it with everyone else….

I believe in 1 Almighty All-Knowing Loving Merciful Omnipotent Creator of the Universe…. in some languages He\’s known as Dieu, or Dios, or Allah, or God, but He is 1 and the Same for All of Humanity. I believe Humanity must stop fighting each other over Him, we\’re contradicting the messengers He sent down to help guide us as a sign of mercy and love….

I believe in Heaven and Hell, and in Judgment Day. I believe satan is a foul miserable creature that is pathetically trying to destroy humanity to prove a point to God, that he is better than us… so it is on us to overcome this lousy creature and crush him, and the only way to do so is to have MORE Faith. lucifer is very afraid of Faith, it scares him. I know it for a fact.


I would like to expand on my reply and add the following….

You can label my belief whatever/whichever way you want…. Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Religion…. but I prefer to not have labels, not that I am ashamed, heaven\’s forbid. But because these \’labels\’ divide us, and can be used against us to turn us against one another. I\’m not saying don\’t follow religion, by no means am I saying that. I am saying, choose YOUR path. The path you choose should lead you to God, to your Soul\’s Eternal Salvation, to understanding your own existence as well as the purpose behind it. I have love for ALL religions, to me we are all brothers and sisters of Humanity, descendants of Adam & Eve. I do not believe we come from monkeys or aliens or any other notion that excludes God as the Creator.

I see people fighting each other, people that both believe in God… if they believe in God than why on Earth are they killing each other, doesn\’t that go against God\’s commandments? As a dear soul sister of mine once told me: We\’re all human beings at the end of the day, does it matter if someone\’s Asian or Arabic, or Hispanic or African or European? We all bleed Red.

I know some religious fanatics are going to disagree with me, saying I\’m misleading people… If I truly Am, May God strike my Soul with a grievous chastisement on the Day of Judgment. I have Faith that what I am saying, if not taken out of context, is to help build bridges over the divides that make us collide. If you believe in God, if you truly love God, and worship God, and seek God\’s mercy guidance & love, than to me, that\’s a big step…. especially in times where God is often mocked & His Existence questioned – that\’s misleading if you ask me. But hey, to each their own… I hold no judgment against anybody, unless they purposely defy God and purposely try & break down people\’s Faith in God…. they\’ll have big issues to deal with on Judgment Day.

On that note….
Much Love,
Much Respect
and always in ALL ways…

p.s.: I encourage everyone to search for the Truth. Religions should not just be accepted by us because we were born into them. Do the research, investigate and understand why you follow what you follow, and believe in what you believe…. God doesn\’t want blind followers, otherwise, why did He give us Free Will and the Ability to Choose, he Gave us a Mind so we can think for ourselves. Just sayin\’…. think \’bout it 😉

ohhh and that was what I Believe in…. Which Way (i.e. spiritual lifestyle) do I practice what I believe in? … now that\’s another question for another day 😉

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