MoeCash is Smiling….. 🙂 For Peace. Wow… There\’s a Whole Lot to fix in this world… Somebody\’s gotta Do It…. So help us God… Help all of Humanity, God. Help Us Help Each Other…. But First, We have to Help Each Other, for God only helps those who help each other 😉 not only themselves… 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 – Time\’s Up, Which Side are You On??? Part of the Problem (also known as Pro-Blame cuz that\’s all those types do anyways)… or… part of…. The Soulution™ (©2010). Allow me to open your miiiind and Defiiiiiine…. Ready, Set, DIGEST THIS:

They fuck shit up and blame it on others, they can\’t own up to any responsibilities, they live in misery and want the rest of us to live like them….. Everything that happens to them, is somebody else\’s fault….. Pro-Blamers (©2010 )

They clean up after the Pro-Blamers, they pick up after them, always cleaning the messes they create, their goal is to clean up the World, they have a desire so deep within their Soul that calls to them to Help Humanity…. they build alliances, they build unity, they build understanding, they build up hope, push for cooperation, strive for good, manifest spirituality and breath Faith…. They Seek to Solve problems of the world by using not just our minds, but also our Souls…. SOULUTIONISTS 😉 (©2010)

Which Side You On….. Where do you wanna stand when the Horns Sound and it\’s Judgment Day…..??? Ever consider that moment ever happening in our lifetime… All\’s I\’m saying, it\’s better to be Blessed than Burning in Hell….

Rise Up Righteous Brothers & Sisters…. Where My SOULUTIONIFYERS at?! RISE UP, RIIIISE UP, RIIIIIIIIIIIIISE UPPPPP!!!!!!!

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