This past weekend I needed to get away from everything and everyone…. I noticed we\’ve become really dependent upon technology and electricity and computers and phones and well, I\’m guilty of all those things. So, I took a short trip up north…. I needed to reconnect with my other mom…. Mother Nature….

I don\’t talk to trees, or frogs, or the grass or animals…. but I do feel their energy, perhaps subliminally we\’re communicating on a level beyond my comprehension…. but I sat down and had a convo with Mother Nature… I learned a LOT from her, this is what we discussed….

She has suffered the most out of all of us, she has seen it all, the wars, the bloodshed, the sheer madness of evil men… She asked me why we do this to ourselves… I told her it\’s all the devil\’s fault, but we\’re also to blame. Mother Nature loves us, but she\’s getting older, and she\’s not as healthy as she was before…. She warned me that her health is deteriorating, but unlike humans, there\’s no quick fix medicine, like pills or vaccines. She also mentioned to me that earthquakes, tsunamis and extreme weather conditions (most of them) are symptoms that she\’s ill. I felt really bad…. I drive, I smoke, I use electricity, I create pollution…. I apologized to her…. but she told me it\’s not a matter of apologizing, it\’s a matter of not taking her for granted….. Mother Nature\’s always right, She Knows Best.

She told me to be careful of what I say and do, that even though I\’m not afraid, that I should still be cautious (guess she\’s seen things in the span of her lifetime)…. I gave her my word that I will heed to her wisdom….. She said that animals are more in tune with her than we are (or ever will be – because we\’re not developing that \”sense\”) and that as intelligent as we think we are, we\’ve become slower and more lazy beings. She also mentioned that her purpose is to Serve God\’s Commands, so as part of her role, she\’s to observe humankind (without interfering of course). She\’s definitely got the inside scoop on everything…. She said she prays to 1 God, She Worships God, that is Her Duty, Obligation and Responsibility. She was very sad…… she says in times to come, she will get subdued by advanced science mixed with radical technology, she didn\’t confirm what though.

I was very distraught to say the least…. she\’s never been so gloomy, but I haven\’t spoken/listened to her in a very long while either….. She says she has Hope in Humanity, but ultimately, it\’s up to us to have Hope in Our Own Abilities to Create a Positive Process of Progress. She didn\’t answer any of my questions regarding \’secret societies\’ and \’conspiracy theories\’ – she just said, God Is All Knowing, There Are NO Secrets in His \’Eyes\’. It\’s not her place to interfere in humankind\’s affairs apparently. Oh yeah, something important…. she says, she\’s a receptor or a reflector of our collective energies, but she also has mood swings…. Not quite sure what that meant, I still haven\’t deciphered it.

I think that some people might read this and think me nuts…. So be it. But I\’m certainly not ashamed to say that I am constantly training my mind, body, and soul to listen and be aware of everything around. I\’m no genius, I\’m just a highly spiritual brother…. it really helps to understand myself, society and of course, Mother Nature…. She Sends Love to All…. (sometimes I think maybe I am kinda looney tooney LOL – but than I shut off that self-doubt and just accept how God made me, no matter how crazy it might make me sound to others).

On that note… just wanted to share this convo…. I never really told anybody that I listened to Mother Nature before…. feels good to get it off my chest. Much Love and MAXIMUM BLESSINGZ

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