In my life, I\’ve met so many wonderful brothers and sisters, truly a blessing. I wanted to share with the world a special young lady who\’s been working really hard to promote a positive message of Love, Healthiness and Awareness.

Her name is Marina H.. She doesn\’t tell me what her last name is, or what\’s her nationality, rather she puts it like this: I am a Human Being. I respect that. She\’s not your typical girl, nothing about her is typical, neither her inner beauty nor her outer beauty. She\’s definitely a rare gem. She truly and deeply cares for the state of the world, and is striving to provide her own blend of Entertainment as well as Enlightenment, much like myself, but instead of rapping, she dances. She calls her style of dancing \’Fashion Dancing\’, I call it \’Classy Motions\’.

Marina\’s mission is very simple, to showcase that women are not sexual objects, and being in the entertainment industry for over 10 years, she\’s faced lots of hardships to say the least. She wants to be a positive role model for younger girls, and fight for the integrity of women in the dancing circuit. She\’s been steadily persevering, but the struggle is not always easy, especially on a soul who feels much of the world\’s pain, and is extremely sensitive to the energies around.

We met through the medium of Facebook, both showing respect and admiration for the work we\’re each undertaking. It\’s refreshing to know that someone else out there is also on the same vibe you\’re on and even though we\’re not blood, I consider her as my Soul Sister. Much like myself with my own label (I.R.I.E. – Introspective Records International Enterprise), Marina founded her own company based on the values she upholds and wants to promote, Love Movement Entertainment Group.

More than just your typical Entertainment Group, she has created a side-project known as Love Movement Awareness, basically a campaign to awaken & sensitize people to the important issues that affect humanity and society as a whole by talking straight to the people and taking is back to the basics.

Recently, she kicked off her own blog called Love Movement Well Being , where she posts her thoughts at the moment and shares insight into the world of metaphysics, natural nutritional healthy well-being, and stories of her struggles. If you enjoy reading The M.O.E.C.A.S.H. Chronicles™, you will definitely enjoy Love Movement Well Being.

We\’ve discussed our goals in life, and how it\’s important for us that people realize what matters in this world, not the materialism or the superficiality, but spirituality and good character. Since we\’re both striving to awaken humanity, we are currently in talks to collaborate on several projects aimed to the youth of tomorrow. For now, we\’re keeping the details confidential, but we will both be making the announcements on our separate blogs and Facebook pages when the right time comes, insha\’Allah God-willing.

It\’s good to link up with like-minded brothers & sisters, who share the same passion for humanitarian activism, the drive to Enlighten and Entertain, not to mention the Hope for a Brighter Future For All.

M.O.E.C.A.S.H. and MARINA H.
Siblings Of The Struggle
Striving To Make The World Better
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