I wanted to take the time to talk about a Movement I hold close to heart…. one that I have founded, but the credit goes directly to God, I am just His humble servant….. Allow me to re-introduce the world to:
\”Bringing Together Brothers & Sisters, Fathers & Mothers, in the name of Building Bridges within Humanity throughout the Entire World\”.

Here’s a brief look of FAM-U’s background, mandate and objectives:

We’re All Family in this Universe… a Universal Family. We gotta STOP hating/judging/discriminating on each other but most importantly we gotta stop dumbing ourselves down ourselves with ignorance, prejudice & racism. We all share similar differences and different similarities, if we all saw with our souls we’d see with so much clarity. At I.R.I.E. (Introspective Records International Enterprise) we truly Believe that it IS possible, but that Journey must begin from within each and every one of us.

FAM-U is not an organization, it’s a gathering of righteous people from all around the globe who share a common belief: Strategic Communication (open talks, diplomacy, forums, intellectual discussions), Respect (of Self and of Others) as well as Empathic Understanding (being able to somehow relate and/or understand each other’s point of view) are the Keys essential to resolving any given dispute. Killing innocent people doesn’t help the situation, it only serves to perpetuate a vicious never-ending cycle of violence, mistrust, anger and not to mention bitterness.

Truth be told, lack of Peace, Justice & Unity (amongst other various factors) allow evil to ruin this beautiful land we all share and call home, Mother Earth. Fact of the matter is is that we all receive this world in the condition it was left in by our predecessors. Therefore, we all bear a certain responsibility to handle the world with care and pass it on to the next generation in a better state than we ourselves received it in.

Hence the purpose of Familia Univerzel™ is trifold:
1- Consistently raise the level consciousness and awareness of various issues that affect humanity, if it affects one of us, it affects all of us.
2- Develop programs and initiatives that will directly involve the youth of tomorrow to be more proactive in activism and humanitarian work.
3- Serve as a bridge builder between people of all faiths & ethnicities by inciting peaceful dialogue and discussions through forum-like exchanges.

Might seem like an impossible task to some, but there will always be people that doubt that good can actually happen in this world. It is precisely that sort of mentality we’d like to shift to think that:
“Yea, it’s gonna be tough, nothing’s easy in this world, it wasn’t meant to be a piece of cake. However, if we truly wanna unlock humanity’s potentials, we have to start somewhere. We have to begin from within, and from there we work outwards. Yea, it’s gonna be a long hard journey, but we CAN make it and we WILL”.

At the beginning, course of and end of the day, what the world truly needs is:

The Call of Familia Univerzel™ – A Call For The Righteous Within Us All:
Arise Beautiful Spiritual Peaceful People of the World…
Arise Men & Women who Believe it is time to bring Humanity back to Humankind and Humankind back to the road of Dignity & Integrity…
Arise Souls who Believe in Unity & Justice NOT in Division & Tyranny…
Arise Brothers & Sisters that keep Hope with Peace NOT instill Despair with Wars…

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