Nobody knows it but G-O-D….. the pain that I feel so real all around me… I mask it under the disguise of a smile…. inside me emotions torn up goin\’ wild…. still, with hope & faith I keep marching on…. marching on cuz I don\’t know how else to be strong…. yet nobody knows this but God Almighty…. thankful for all the blessings He bestows upon me…. feel like all the people in my life are pulling me in 10 million different directions… Do any of them consider my feelings or what I\’m possibly going through? That\’s my biggest question…. My soul\’s crying so hard and each day I gotta pray to calm it down…. feel like history keeps repeating itself, round and round….. yet nobody knows any of this but God Almighty…. the sorrow, praying for a better tomorrow for the sake of Humanity……

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