Fuck the whole East Coast West Coast beef: we all know who really murdered \’Pac, then played it as a \’coastal war\’ between 2 rappers & their respective labels… the question is: WHY DID THEY DO IT?!

Cuz he KNEW what the \’F\’ was up, and he was ABOUT TO DO SOMETHING \’BOUT IT (just like Michael Jackson was \’bout to enlighten the world with his \’This Is It\’ concert) – but guess what? They took out another Revolutionary, they scared like that, they scared of someone waking up the people by telling them the Truth, they scared someone\’s gonna mobilize the people and create a movement, they ways are DIRTY, CHEAP, EVIL and COWARDLY. But you know what, all the injustices they\’ve committed in this world, they\’ll all pay for it & rot in hell for ETERNITY…. and I CAN\’T WAIT for God to Serve them their Due Judgement.

But anyways…. I firmly believe this is why Tupac got shot, peep what he says…. CHECK IT:

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