Sometimes I just wanna escape the stresses of the city, book myself a one-way ticket to a place far far farrr away from all that\’s gritty… not depressed or nuthin but tired of the imprisonment of the credit system- it\’s sooo effin\’ shitty. Ahhhhh……

Love… what is Love…. how do we know we found it?…. There\’s 2 diff kinds of Love… the Love of your closest friends and fam… and the Love, which is an Emotion of Endless Devotion…. Each time I think I found it, I\’m wrong….. Heartbreak after another…. My soul\’s restless…. it can\’t take it any more…. It\’s just yearning for her mate… It\’s calling Out….. Reaching Out…. yet keeps getting Shut Out….. off and on… on and off… confused is thy soul…. However, it won\’t give up… it want what it wants… and it will be patient enough to get it….. insh\’Allah….

Alhamdulilah, Praise be to God, things in my music career are moving in the right direction… after a 5 yr break from live performances, I\’m gettin gradually back in the saddle. Just did my 2nd performance last night at \”Just For Inspiration\” held at McGill\’s Shatner Ballroom. Blessed it was, for I had the honor of performing in front of my Islamic community…. Suffice to say, I always feel like an Outcast there, cuz I don\’t associate myself with either Sunnis or Shiites, I\’m just Muslim, I side with God, with the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), I do not partake in the divisions. In any event, it was a very inspirational evening, lots of creative and talented gifted brothers & sisters, mash\’Allah.

Saturday\’s a big day…. Hosting the West Island Blues Festival in DDO. My first time doing it, and it will probably be the biggest crowd to date I\’d be front of… Nervous? Anxious? Scared? Few Years ago, I would\’ve been. Today, Now, NOPE. I learned there\’s nothing to Fear but God, not even fear itself should be feared. I learned to just get up on stage and do what I does best… BE MYSELF. That\’s the Best I can Do. And the Only Thing I\’m Really Good at. Hopefully, it inspires, uplifts, and entertains the people.

On that note… gotta get some work done.
and always in ALL ways

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