Contrary to popular belief, and to what many Zionist-controlled Media outlets have been telling people, Iran\’s President is not the sworn enemy of Jews… but of the godless Zionists who\’ve hi-jacked Judaism in their plot to cause chaos & turmoil in this world.

How can \”sworn enemies\” embrace one another such as they did? Are they the ones who are wrong, the ones who are overcoming all this political divide and coming together in the name of God & spiritual unity? Or aren\’t the ones who manifest hatred, and use propaganda to scare people into fear and disillusionment, who work tirelessly to confuse people and subdue their good conscience, so they can continue to do their evil bidding of total world domination, aren\’t they the ones who are truly at fault?!

Don\’t Fall For TV\’s Cheap Mind Tricks!

May the Swift Hand of God\’s Justice crack Every Back of Every Filthy Evil-Infested Fear-Mongering Soul-Sucking Demon, throughout the Entire Universe.

In the name of God, Most Merciful, Most Beneficent…. May all my Islamic brothers & sisters reject & repel any & all forms of Religious Extremism. May all of my Jewish brothers & sisters renounce & denounce any & all forms of godless Zionism. May all the Righteous Brothers & Sisters of Humanity find common ground through Divine Worship, Faith, Enlightenment & Spirituality. AMEN!!!

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