I Got a Heart that Beats with nothing but Love for the Almighty Up Above
This Heart is an Open Garden for all that wanna seek refuge from this world\’s hardships
A Sanctuary of Sanity, away from all the materialistic vanity & sexual profanity…
I got a Heart that Beats LOVE non stop till the day God calls me back UP

This Heart has been battered and bruised, fucked up and used…
Nonetheless, no matter the strain and pain it\’s been through, it still beats for YOU
Each heartbeat is a prayer for humanity, a prayer asking God for forgiveness & mercy
I Got a Heart that can\’t stop loving, it overflows with this emotion of higher devotion….

My Heart is an Art…. My heart is an Ear… My Heart is always ready to Hear….
Scarred from past heartbreak warfare, it triumphs each time not afraid to be in the front lines
My Heart is a Satellite… Sending Signals… Transmitting Lovewaves Throughout the Universe
It detects people\’s pains, relates to others struggles, it\’s the battery to the engine of my mind\’s hussle.

My Heart…. for so long sought a companion… a Fellow Heart to Connect and Grow With…
My Heart\’s relentless in its pursuit of Growth, My Heart doesn\’t wanna stop it only wants to push forth….
Nobody gets this heart of mine except for the Divine, God lights it up to make my Soul & Being shine.
I Got a Heart that I can\’t turn cold, even though my mind tried to, it just wants to learn and mold as my life continues to unfold…..

Thank God for this H-E-A-R-T of mine, even though it gets heavy to carry at times, I know it\’s a blessing I can\’t deny, whether it\’s a Gift or a Curse I know without it it could be much worse….

©2010 M.O.E.C.A.S.H. All Rights Reserved. No Parts Of or the Entirety of this Composition may be reproduced or published elsewhere without the proper consent & authorization of its author. Thank you for your cooperation.

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