Mediation through meditation is the best way to resolve confrontation, however that is not the way of today’s 21st century nation, instead, most of the time, ‘leaders’ practice aggressive intimidation or political segregation, rather than the contemplation of what has caused the specific situation. The world needs more of 2-way open communication, not one-sided lop-sided short-sighted unenlightened conversations. Analysis & objective observation coupled with unbiased investigation are essential in answering our greatest dilemmas as well as unanswered equations. Sometimes, the Answers are before the Questions. Reflections, introspections and having a moral compass for guidance & direction, are tools we can use to diffuse the false from the truth, because the more we are confused, the less any form of talks will serve any use… History is our proof.

Middle ground and compromise are how we should prioritize the trivial from the significant, the meaningless from what’s crucially (and actually) important, repetition might be redundant and to some repugnant, it still doesn’t change the fact that ignorance (not enlightenment) is more rampant. What’s at hand is a demand for power & control of land, not many people pay it (close) attention let alone (fully) understand where we should stand as people with an intellectual capacity to command… Alas, in these so-called modern times, people work for the government instead of the governments working for the people.

Evil corrupting the more feeble misguiding them to their own demise like a herd of sheep do, we who have been blessed to dress, express and progress, unlike animals who just survive to reproduce, eat, feed & digest, I digress that evolution is not necessarily a biological process, but that of our mind, character, emotions and I’ll leave you to think of the next.

What happened to the intelligent civilization who understood the purpose of its creation, who upheld the code of tolerance, humanity, dignity, integrity, morality and co-habitation, are they a thing of the past because even though times move more and more fast, our existence is sinking like the sand in an hour-glass…. We have become sovereign (to a certain degree) countries, where we promote the lifestyle of democracy, literacy and liberty, yet gender & racial inequalities remain, why? Because the more things change, the more they stay the same. Who’s to blame for the shame of becoming vain and not empowering our brains to think outside the mundane? A question with many answers but the burden of such a mindset leads to our shared pain… moving in the same train (of thought), what do we have to gain… when hungry children still complain, illnesses remain non-contained, maniacal two-faced tyrants continue down destructive paths unrestrained, and the innocent sent to prison to be refrained from exposing the TRUTH on those who plot & reign.

Global clandestine organizations setting in motion operations to control world populations through fear-mongering tactics & alienation, natural disasters or orchestrated devastation in order to cause desperation, while we sit glued to our favorite TV stations, not seeking spiritual elevation but condemning our own selves to eternal damnation all because of laziness & procrastination… From generation to generation, history indicates degradation, misinformation and desecration of the TRUTH behind our CREATION, replacing it with recreation based on sexual orientation, a permanent materialistic & superficial vacation to distract us from seeking our own salvation…. Making the easier to influence more susceptible to manipulation…. Is all this real, conspiracy or a figment of my imagination….??? I leave it up to the reader to do their own deductive research & in-depth investigation….

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