Hmmmm, it smells like a plan to destroy people\’s Faith & Conviction in God by slowly infiltrating religions and gradually undermining the purity of God\’s Divine Message…. oh how wicked (and pathetic) that miserable creature is.

I see you satan, I know you\’re messing with my peoples- my bad, God\’s People, but not for long… I can\’t stop you… or can I?! I don\’t care what people will think of me when they read this so long as the true believers and truth-seekers catch my drift, that\’s the essential part in this exercise. Bit by bit, soul by soul, one mind at a time, heart by heart, we will overcome the darkness you cast in this world. I know you\’re the source of the humankind\’s greatest tragedy. Sure, you\’re gonna come up with some phony baloney load of crap excuse saying that you\’re on man\’s side… if so, and if you\’re really Not a Coward, PROVE IT. Stop sneaking into our minds, luring us with your illusions and temptations. But… you can\’t do it, can you?! You\’re jealous of us, right satan?

(side note: I am addressing the inner demons that like to infests themselves in our hearts, as well as all the evil around the world, which all trace their roots to the foul lonely creature that has vowed to destroy humanity by pushing us off the path to Righteousness, Salvation and Redemption and unto Eternal Damnation…)

Okay… back to that lousy filthy nasty disgusting cruel selfish creature that goes by many names but they\’re all the same, satan… lucifer… the devil. The more people believe in God, the more it will KILL him. Truth. The less people have Faith, the more it GAINS power. Understand the equilibrium here? ARE YOU GETTING THE BIGGER PICTURE YET?

The devil is afraid of Faith, and has been hard at work trying to erase any notion of God from our reality, from our minds, from our knowledge and from everything else. Funny thing is, it keeps back-firing on his sorry ass. The more he tries to wipe out God, the more those who actually have Faith feel MORE AND MORE Empowered in their Convictions, and in their Beliefs. He will pull every trick in the black magic book to try and fool us… he will try and deceive but those who have Faith and BELIEVE know that he\’s lame and full of games with pointless soulsucking aim nothing but a pain trying to make us become vain by trying to erase God\’s Holy Name from our Powerful Brain. He\’s the biggest humanity-hater ever, I would feel sorry for his ass but I don\’t have sympathy for those that defy God. I hope he enjoys rotting in hell for eternity… the price of being arrogant to God\’s orders.

Lucifer, you should\’ve bowed down to Adam when God asked you to, but instead, we\’re here… you trying to prove a point that\’s totally pointless, don\’t you know nothing in this universe is Greater than God\’s Infinite Glory & Bliss?! Yet… it\’s not about God to you is it? It\’s about you feeling superior to man… you want us to worship you instead of God… right?! Sure, you\’re gonna get the –as my homey Kris so eloquently put it– weak-minded drones to worship you, to follow you, to be enslaved by you…. I see you satan, whatever you disguise, wherever you hide, however you mask your ugly face… I see you.

To my brothers & sisters with Faith, yes, we are not perfect, and we do get tempted, and because of our design, we\’re sometimes weak of mind or will power, and we sin… but don\’t EVER let the devil in, within is where the battle must begin, earning God\’s blessings is the Righteous way to WIN.

On that note…


Much Love

and always in all ways…


– Man Of Entity Calling All Spiritual Humanity (M.O.E.C.A.S.H.™)

©2010 M.O.E.C.A.S.H. All Rights Reserved. No parts of or the entirety of this composition may be reproduced or republished elsewhere without the proper consent & authorization of its author. Thank you for your cooperation


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