Money comes… Money goes… Money might make the world go round… but money will not buy you a ticket to Heaven… Money won\’t buy you Salvation….. Money is just a means of exchange, and it\’s not bad as long as You control it, and not let It control You.

If God blesses you with wealth, God wants to see what you\’re gonna do with it… Will you live lavishly as so many children die starving across the world? Or will you appreciate this blessing and use it for good, share the wealth, give back?

How you earn money does matter too… is it \’Dirty Money\’? Did you have to kill, cheat or rob others to get it? Or did you earn it making an honest living? Some people think that by giving back it can make up for the fact that they\’ve earned it in shady ways. Well, I\’m not the judge here, God is…

How much importance does money have in your life and priorities??? Is it the #1 priority… or is God your #1 Priority…. God gives to whom He pleaseth, indeed He does… but like everything in this life, it\’s all a Test of Faith. Will money consume you? Will you consume money? Will you just see it as merely an object for financial transactions? Or will you see it as a source to establish a sense of societal status?

Money… the root of all evil? ….another one of Satan\’s tools to control us, to distract us from Faith, to create inequalities amongst humanity which cause rifts and conflicts, it drives greed and corruption, which leads to the pollution of the mind and soul… More Money, More Problems?! (Biggup to Biggie R.I.P.)

At this point in time, the world does revolve around money… be it as it may, the question is: Will You Revolve Around Money as well? Will you make it, earn it honestly, be grateful for it and use it to give back? Or will you be using it to gloat, brag and create envy, jealousy and breed greed?

Just Something To Ponder… And Reflect Upon….

Maximum Blessingz,
Man Of Entity Calling All Spiritual Humanity™

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