This week, besides being a crazy yet wonderful week, has been most enlightening (to say the least). I use Facebook quite regularly to update my status with my thoughts, inspirations and other straight-forward commentary. In essence, I use it to wake people up, by sharing any knowledge or wisdom I\’ve come across & acquired, and just pass down information which I firmly believe is essential to know in order to better understand the grand scheme of things, and to firmly grasp where we are versus where we needs to be, so we can take necessary actions to rectify it. In other words, I speak the Cold Hard Truth. Well, I\’ve just realized not everybody or anybody is ready & willing to accept it, let alone wants to hear it…..

I have a tendency to speak my mind freely, sometimes too freely and too direct, without realizing that what I\’m saying and the way I\’m expressing myself could come off as offensive to some people. I always thought, to wake up the masses, you just have say it like it is… which, I\’ve come to learn, is NOT the correct way. In some cases, YES it is… but in MOST Cases, it has to be blended with \’sugar\’, it\’s easier to swallow that way (figuratively speaking of course). Even though deep in my heart, and God is a witness to this, I had purely good intentions, those intentions were misunderstood and consequently my efforts of enlightening people backfired in my face. As a result, it stirred a heated debate and several people voiced their thoughts.

\”Good intentions are not good enough, you need a good sensible approach to back them up.\”

In the midst of this whole \’episode\’, I had my values, principles, motives, character and even FAITH questioned. I was insulted…. then I realized, that\’s how people felt when I put in their face the cold hard truth about some of the music they\’re listening to and the artists they enjoy supporting. Not many people wanna hear that their favorite singer is potentially (and could very well be) a devil-worshiping debauchery-promoting and self-degrading tool used by a dark secret occult to indoctrinate us into giving up more of our Faith in exchange of worldly deceptions. Hey…. it\’s normal to wanna deny it, it\’s TOO MUCH INFO for some people to handle. The Cold Hard Truth means sacrificing the enjoyment of such music, and not many people are ready and willing to give it up. Plus, constantly putting it over and over in people\’s face does get irritating after a while, it turns them off and repulse them from the truth… which is counter-productive in my pursuit of waking people up.

So I\’ve learned… the Grand Lesson. The Cold Hard Truth, it is what it is…. I\’ve accepted it, but it doesn\’t mean that EVERYBODY will too. I\’ve digested some facts that were disturbing at first, but not EVERYBODY can stomach it. Knowing the Cold Hard Truth means we can no longer ignore our guilty conscience and continue enjoying what we know is bad for us. I cannot change people\’s minds… oh no I can\’t. I can change mine though. If a myriad of God-appointed Prophets & Messengers couldn\’t convince the entirety of humankind of God\’s existence, and they performed MIRACLES, there\’s no way me, a mere mortal, can accomplish such a task. If people find it inconvenient to know the Cold Hard Truth, and are not interested in their own salvation or it\’s not a priority in their life, than… that\’s their Prerogative. Salvation & Redemption, just like Believing in God and having Faith, is an individual decision, a choice we ALL have to make at some point in life. Whatever we decide & choose, does have an impact afterward on our views as well as our priorities in our life. I\’m not here to criticize or judge, to each their own…. but if only some people would stand up and defend God, the way they stand up and defend their favorite artists, we would be overpowering evil instead of letting it overpower humankind.

After being criticized, judged, reprimanded and accused of all sorts of things, I realized that I am indeed on the Right Track. I will apologize ahead of time because I know many many MANY people will find offense to what I will present and say…. that\’s because it puts their \’whole reality\’ in doubt, and that\’s like thinking outside the box, which is not easy for many people to do, and I\’m in no way patronizing anybody (in specific or in general), but… the Cold Hard Truth is that the Cold Hard Truth is a tough pill to swallow… Accepting it means changing many things in our lives, and not many are ready to take that step just yet… or ever.

May God continue to lead & guide the Righteous unto the Path of Faith, and the Believers on the Path of Righteousness, may He breathe courage & wisdom & hope into our hearts so we can embrace Him and not run away from the Cold Hard Truth, but learn from it and apply the knowledge to empower our minds, enlighten our souls and mobilize our love of Him towards a greater cause…. the one of our Eternal Salvation and Spiritual Redemption in the hereafter.

Much Love and…
Man Of Entity Calling All Spiritual Humanity™


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