I\’ve always thought some Natural Disasters were not so Natural, but the product of artificial man-made weather manipulation technology. Now, imagine that sort of technology, power & knowledge falling into the wrong hands… Add to that, that same technology can be used as mind-controlling technology (cough* aside from TV that is *cough) and what do you get? The ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction. CHECK IT:

If man is sadistic enough to create & use the Atomic Bomb, then sadly to say, I wouldn\’t put it past man to invent weather-controlling technology… Warfare of the Future?!

Playing God instead of believing in God… the downfall of man…

Oh, and I\’m not really buying that whole \’interference\’ bit with the videocamera, seems very \’hollywoodish\’— but anyways…..

Funny how things always tend to revolve around the concept I keep bringing back up time and time again: Freedom of Choice and the Power to Choose. We can create technology that be used for good, but it depends who\’s using and what choice they\’ll make once it\’s in their hands.

Do some research on HAARP, as people we should try to be as much aware as possible, for our own protection, safety and security.

I pray to God for man to humble himself and stop trying to play God… but it seems man is bent on self-destruction. May God help us all.

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