GO (a Poem about seeking God\’s Guidance)

Lord please have mercy on my soul
I know that I\’ve committed many sins
but there were times I felt empty and cold
so I thought by doing those things I\’d be \”cooler\” and \”fit in\”

However, All it did was leave me feelin\’ completely void
I came close so many times, U gave me this body and I ALMOST self-destroyed
I see the same thing happening to the youth
I wanna reach out to them, wake\’em, shake\’em and tell them the Truth!

But I guess it ain\’t up to me, I try showing some people the light but they prefer the darkness
So much shit goin\’ round the world, but they blinded by TV\’s mindtricks
Help me dear Lord, I know I\’ve disobeyed you before… but that was me back then
I am rebuilding my faith, reclaiming my place in paradise, I DONT WANT THE DEVIL TO WIN

I know You are Opening My eyes to all the B.S. and the Lies…
I was once living hypnotized but now I see behind evil\’s disguise
I have Hope, and I got the Will, so please empower my Will-Power till the Final Hour
I feel it in the fiber of my soul… a Battle is coming soon, Lord Let your Love & Mercy Rain on my Like a Sun Shower.

Guide me… so I can guide others…. Lead me so I can lead my Sisters and Brothers…
Many people won\’t understand me… or maybe they will… who knows…till then, Imma let my Faith Grow and Grow, my Soul Glow and Glow, wherever you My Lord, the one and only True God, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the Universe… wherever you God want me to Go and Go…and Go… and Go.. and GO.

Amen…Have Mercy on All our Souls. Guide all the Righteous to Heaven, for that is our Common Goal.

©2010 M.O.E.C.A.S.H. All Rights Reserved. No Parts of AND/OR the Entirety of this composition may be reproduced or published elsewhere without the proper consent and authorization of its author. Thank you for your understanding.


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