FIELD OF WEEDS (A Poetic Story of Patient Perseverence)

Something in the weeds?Image by ricepeter (lost power @home) via Flickr

When you give so much you have little left of you,
you pray to God for a miracle to come through,
you wonder and ask yourself \”What Wrong Did I ever Do?\”
then you see selfish people succeed while the selfless continue to bleed,
you take notice indeed that balance is the key to lead,
but no matter how many times you heed there\’s still plenty more of weeds

you pull one out only to find another showing, so you pull another and another but the field is ever-growing
despair begins to slowly creep in… you understand that you\’re on your own
you helped others in their field of dreams that now you look around, they\’ve all grown
yet the field you barely harvested, has remained the same as before… nothing less, nothing more
Asking for the sun, for the rain…. you pray some how some way, for the water to come ashore

Drifting hither and thither not knowing anymore where you should go or where to be
you thought you knew for a moment but each time you come close, you missed Lady Destiny
your field ravaged by drought, and even though you\’ve managed to remove all the weeds, it\’s still empty
what do you do… the only thing you can do… look up to the Sky and Cry From the Top of Your Lungs
\”God I\’ve wrong myself, but I\’ve righted others, I gave when I should\’ve took, I broke bread when I should\’ve continued to cook, now midway through the story in my life\’s book, I\’m wondering was I the crook? Did I rob myself blind of my own happiness, but I thought I was supposed to invest my actions into blessings, and convert mistakes into learned lessons… \”

A light shines down… spotlighting a rose in the field… a rose pulling out of the dirt
A rose with petals to show for all the hard work
The rose begins to speak saying \”You gave and you shall receive
I am Faith, here to remind you: Continue to Believe
You are not alone, so have patience with the seeds you\’ve sown
the wonders that will be grown will make a mountain of riches all of their own
The fruits of your labor don\’t grow over night, they grow only to God\’s light
I am the Flower of Faith, here as a reminder you that…Everything\’s Gonna Be Alright.\”

Alas… prayers brought forth some rain…. nourishing a malnourished terrain…
what was once a field of weeds causing pain…. transformed into plains producing Grains of Gains.

written by M.O.E.C.A.S.H.

©2010 M.O.E.C.A.S.H./Naibara Publishing Co. All Rights Reserved. No parts of and/or the entirety of this composition may be reproduced or published elsewhere without the proper consent of and authorization of its author. Thank you for your understanding.

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