HATE is when you say mean stuff just to purposely hurt others
STATING FACTS is when you speak to enlighten your sisters & brothers

HATE is when you wanna cause damage & inflict pain
STATING FACTS is when you speak objectively from the brain

HATE is void of any compassion
STATING FACTS is knowing that helping people to understand never goes outta fashion

HATE just aims to destroy
STATING FACTS is speaking boldly \’bout the truth without being coy

HATE has no room for other people\’s concerns
STATING FACTS is knowing communication is a dialogue based on taking turns

HATE devours good sound unbiased judgment and leaves the mind empty
STATING FACTS is all about seeing things as they really are, not by what they appear to be

HATE lacks consciousness
STATING FACTS is the footsteps of Righteousness

HATE renders us ignorant and blind
STATING FACTS is analyzing what\’s impacting humankind

HATE is the aftertaste of emotional abuse
STATING FACTS is putting knowledge, wisdom and information to good use

HATE kills Communication
STATING FACTS is based on research and observation.

HATE is wickity wickity WACK
STATINS FACTS is \’bout keeping the Mind Fit & On the Right Track

HATE is lack of understanding
STATING FACTS is about intellectual elevation… even though it might be demanding

HATE got no patience
STATING FACTS is debating with words, not through violence

HATE doesn\’t need to or care for making any sense
STATING FACTS carefully crafts each phrase and sentence

HATE…. the Lack of Love, lack of Hope. lack of self-respect
STATING FACTS… based on reality & truth, which are the foundation of good arguments.

HATE… is for the weak of heart
STATING FACTS… is for those that keep it Smart.

there ya go… I could go on and on and on… but hopefully, y\’all get the point. If THAT doesn\’t lessen the confusion between HATE and STATING FACTS, than you need to -as Ice Cube put it so eloquently— \”CHECK YO\’SELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YO\’SELF\”… cuz Ignorance is Dangerous to your Mind\’s Health. Word Up.

Much Love
and always in all ways

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