So… where is humanity at this point in our History… in our \’Evolution\’… in our PROGRESS AS A CIVILIZED CREATION OF GOD…. Many signs clearly indicate that we are heading towards a very dark path. Am I being cynical? Or just straight-up objectively realistic? Am I the one brainwashed by the so-called \’alternative\’ media… or is everybody else under the hypnosis of the mind-controlling machine we call Television??? So many QUESTIONS… what are the Answers?!

The answer is Simple… it always has been simple. Save that we, humanity, don\’t wanna have it easy… for some strange reason unbeknown to me, we happen to ENJOY complicating things… It\’s not just the wars, or the injustice we cause upon ourselves, but we take pleasure in causing pain. It makes me sick to my stomach at the amount of animosity and destruction Man is highly capable of. Yet… I also have Faith in God, and if God has sent down Prophet after Prophet, Holy Scripture after Holy Scripture, Divine Sign after Divine Sign, it can only indicate one thing…. God Has Faith in Humanity Too. He Created Us, we are at His Mercy. Sure, there is an evil force that has been taking part in instigating our demise…. but… God granted us something He rarely grants to any of his creations…. FREEDOM OF CHOICE AND THE POWER TO CHOOSE.

Look at the Tree, can it just uproot and walk away if there is a bulldozer coming its way?!?! Can the scores of Animals gone EXTINCT due to our conquest of their lands speak up and defend themselves in our man-made courts?! No. But Best Believe there will be a Day where ALL OF US will have to Answer to Our Actions. Myself Included. I am not perfect God knows this. Even though I speak of Enlightenment, I am also limited by my Human Nature, I have the Seed of Goodness in Me… and the Seed of Evil. We ALL DO. But we\’ve been GRANTED the POWER TO CHOOSE which Side and which Road we want to Take in our Life. Sure the Road of fame, fortune, materialism and superficiality seems appealing cuz it offers us \’satisfaction\’ in this life, or rewards we can actually touch, smell, hold, drive, see, feel, wear, show off… but meaningless are those things. Maybe I\’m from another generation of school of thought… where all these things hold no weight in my eyes…. I see people stepping all over each other, backstabbing one another and even, lie-ing, cheating, deceiving and hurting each other… Truly, The Dark Side of Humanity is Daunting to say the least.

Yet… for the rest of us… there is comfort in knowing… knowing the fact that… this so called \’life\’ is just a temporary journey…. to where? To Wherever WE CHOOSE WE WANT TO GO. We determine it with our own actions… Guess that\’s where the expression \”Actions Speak Louder than Words\” comes from. I think we limit ourselves way too much. We must break down the barriers in our mind, the ones that have shackled us down to thinking, we just live, work, have a family, raise our kids, and then die. There\’s Gotta be MORE to LIFE than just THAT. At least… I personally think so. And I know so. As a matter of fact, I know that there\’s a certain tendency to think it\’s not possible to make a difference… or those that try usually die. Well, OF COURSE EVIL DOESN\’T WANT US TO RISE UP. EVIL WANTS US STUPID, NUMB AND DUMB. EVIL WANTS US SCARED. IT WANTS US UNDER ITS CONTROL… You can call that evil satan, lucifer or the devil… but the greatest evil I personally think that exists: is letting ourselves down, is allowing ourselves to become its pawn against ourselves, succumbing to our darkest desires by selling our soul to it….. that right thurrr, that is the true ugliness of the Dark Side of Humanity.

Rest assured though… no good deed goes unrewarded… and no sin goes unpunished. It should be a clear sign to the rest of us that there\’s something wrong in the order of the world when people of Faith get mocked, Believers in God get subjected to ridicule, and Righteous Warriors get assassinated. Are we inherently evil… No, but some are. Those are the wicked men (and women) that reject Faith and reject God, yet go worship the anti-God. No need to name them, they know whom they are very well. They\’ve tried destroying Faith over and over and over again… unsuccessfully however. They just don\’t get it. God Is The Greatest. On Judgement Day they will get their answer loud and clear: THOU SHALL NOT TEST GOD\’S INFINITE POWERS. Alas, they have no soul, they have no conscious so how the BLEEP can they think straight?

It\’s really sad to see things unfold as they are…. We truly are living in the Age of Deception. But… like everything else, WE HAVE THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE & THE POWER TO CHOOSE… We can Choose to side with evil, literally locking in our own eternal damnation… ORrrrrrr… We can Choose to side with Righteousness, with God. So… I am asking and calling on all of my Righteous Brothers and Sisters, set aside your differences. It is time to come together, we all believe and worship God, in Arabic it\’s Allah, in French it\’s Dieu…Those who try telling us that each Faith has its own God, are not working on God\’s side, I\’ll tell you that much. They are attempting to confuse humanity. More trickery for fools that have tricked themselves into believing in their evil master\’s empty promises….. how wicked (and pathetic) art thou. But God seeth all things, revealed and concealed…. That being said… I believe it\’s time for another Prayer….

Dear God Allah Dieu, the same Almighty Creator of all the Universe….
I seek your guidance and mercy to keep me focused on the righteous path in these truly trying times. Help all of my brothers and sisters of humanity in their struggles, we are at Your Mercy…. GRANT US THE STRENGTH TO CARRY ON.

In Faith we find Courage & Honor. In Spirituality we find Enlightenment & Empowerment. In Devotion we find Strength & Will Power. In Prayer… we find Peace.

Dear Lord, the one true God, help all of us righteous brothers and sisters to rise up, aid us to overcome the dark side of humanity by shining your LIGHT of HOPE down on us… WE NEED YOUR GUIDANCE NOW MORE THAN EVER.

Forgive our sins, acknowledge our good deeds and bless us with your love.
Amen. Alhamdulilah.

Till next time…
and always in ALL ways…


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