What on Earth could possibly be a Solution to escaping the Society based on the devil\’s illusions?! A Village based on FAITH, not on Wealth or Status. A Village based on SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE, not on Hollywood Gossip. A Village based on SELF-RELIANCE, not on a Credit-Based System. A Village that nurtures the Mind, not Pollutes it. A Village that empower The Soul, not Represses It.

Sheikh Imran proposes The Islamic Village. CHECK IT:

Now, I do not disagree with Sheikh Imran, I\’ve always felt that the BEST way to cut the illuminati\’s strings on us, and to break free of their hold on us, is to live independently of what they\’re TRYING to IMPOSE on us. However, it shouldn\’t be an Islamic Village. I love Islam and I have nothing but respect. I am Muslim, and I do practice to the best of my abilities. Nonetheless, I don\’t like this exclusionary element of calling it or referring to it as \”Islamic Village\”.

Why can\’t we build a Village based on God, where people can attend a house of Worship where they can read the Bible and/or the Quran, and practice their Faith in unity and harmony with one another? That\’s the sort of Village I personally seek and InshaAllah, I will personally build one day. Where all of my brothers and sisters, whether Islamic or not, so long as they have FAITH, and they believe in God-Allah-Dieu our One True Creator, and whom seek peace, can live alongside each other. InshaAllah-Godwilling.

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