In light of the recent quake in Haiti that took away so many innocent lives, I thought I\’d try to build bridges between people and remind us all that no matter where lies the rubble, whether its due to natural disasters or wars, we still all face the same struggle. And it shouldn\’t take bloodshed or catastrophes for us to come together in unity, we should ALWAYS be united through Faith… that\’s where the world needs to be at this point in our \’evolution\’.

We\’re in the 21st Century now, let\’s leave the old ways of the past that didn\’t work, the attitude that failed us, and move on to a new mentality of Strength Through Unity, Unity Through Cooperation and Cooperation Through Mutual Respect & Understanding of One Another. I said it before and Imma say it one mo\’ muthablessin\’ time: if only we can apply the same relief efforts to aid our brothers and sisters in Haiti to ALL OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS ALL OVER THE WORLD, Especially in the regions that are neglected and ignored, we can be living in a better more prosperous peaceful united world. And there aint nothing wrong with aiming for the best as long as we all firmly believe it, plan it, work towards it, we CAN acheive it.

With that being said…. here\’s a lil\’ clip I created for you to share with friends and fam so we can raise awareness for the need of Global Solidarity (meaning, Reaching Out to One Another, Helping Each Other, not just in Bad Times… but in ALL times). CHECK IT:

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Much Respect


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