If you wanna continue down the path of foolishness, go right ahead and keep listening to crap like the Jay-WannabeGod-Z, Rihanna, Lady CaCa and Lil Brain Wayne. OTHERWISE, Get Informed cuz Knowledge IS Power. Check out this really good informative websites, uncovering the truth behind some of today\’s music and new world order secrets. There are Many Similar Sites Out There, and I am encouraging all my Truth-Seekers to keep them going, keep them Alive and Support Them, it\’s the only way to keep the TRUTH out there.

Ohhh, and if you still let TV do the thinking for you, or if u think that if it\’s hasn\’t been confirmed by TV than it\’s gotta be a \”conspiracy theory\” than these sites are definitely NOT for you, you won\’t be able to handle nor fully comprehend their content.

Checkity-Check these websites out:

Wake Up Project

The Vigilant Citizen

The Industry Exposed

Black World Order

Illuminati Under the Microscope


As always, I strongly urge you to use your common sense and objectively analyze any and all information you come across. I\’m not saying you should believe everything you read, NOPE! I\’m saying apply your judgement of right from wrong, research, understand, do more research and try to come up with your own conclusions. In other words, Think for Yourself, don\’t let TV do it for you.

For the first-time people who\’re just breaking into this stuff, heed these words: your mind is not gonna be fully ready to understand unless your soul is ready to hear-see-know things that most of our lives we\’ve been lied to and taught to ignore or overlook. Get Ready to Face Reality in other words.

With that being said…. Good Luck on your Journey of Knowledge. My suggestion is ask God for guidance along the way, it really helps a lot.

Maximum Blessingz


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