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As I\’m sure most of you already know, a destructive earthquake of 7.0 on the rector scale struck Haiti on Tuesday afternoon. Reports are still coming out, but according to various news sources, the death toll could very well be in the hundreds of thousands. A nation already under a lot of financial and political stress, is now facing the biggest catastrophe of its existence.

As search and rescue are underway, relief is pouring in from all over the world. A lot of people are making donations, many are even leaving their jobs and families behind in order to travel over to Haiti and help the victims of the quake first hand.

A lot of people are wondering what they can do, how they can help too. Contact your local Red Cross (or Red Crescent) office, search on the web for legitimate organization that are accepting donations, you can give money and clothes, or even volunteer your time. Important to note: since evil lacks a soul let alone a conscious, please do your homework and verify the legitimacy of any organization you\’re donating to, it\’s very important. Otherwise, your money is gonna end up in the wrong hands. I know since the last few days, a whole bunch of groups have sprawled all over the Facebook online community network, so do searches there too, it can help to make a wiser choice.

I wanted to share a video I found on one of my Facebook contact\’s wall, it sums everything up…. Keith Olbermann is always on point.

Finally, I wanted to say something without offending anyone. I got nothing but love for Haiti, I am fully aware of the magnitude of the catastrophe caused by the quake and I ain\’t trynna sideswipe the focus. However, I wish I saw the same global movement we\’re witnessing this very moment in time to rescue Haiti, applied EVERY MUTHABLESSIN DAY ALL OVER THE WORLD, especially in volatile less developed and war-torn regions, like Palestine or Africa or South America and so many other neglected areas.

WE NEED MORE UNITY IN OUR GLOBAL COMMUNITY and not just in times of distress and disaster, but ALWAYS.

That being said… sending POWERFUL PRAYERS to Haiti, to all the victims, to all the families, to all the children, to ALL. I know they\’re probably not reading this, but I want all of my brothers and sisters in Haiti to know, we are with you, all over the world, our thoughts and prayers are with you, but most importantly…. GOD IS WITH YOU. 1LOVE2HAITI.


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