(I wrote this a few nights ago, when I couldn\’t fall asleep.)

the people that piss and moan must have the stinkiest cologne. that\’s why I stayz in my zone day and night long writin books of rhymes that I categorize in songs….

I smell success each time my lungs flex but cheques of Blessings I collects to cash out in the life next…

saving bonds of Spirituality is my daily reality but this society wants us to forget our Deity by abandoning piety in exchange for… what else? evil\’s notoriety…

I say Faith Over Fear, because I know what\’s near and even though my soul sheds tears, only God I fear and that\’s even if the devil his-damned-self appears…

I cannot change me, or whom God made me to be, I can only accept myself to see, through the lens of L-O-V-E, and overcome humanity\’s greatest enemy, ourselves… tragically.

The devil manipulates so we can self-destruct and hate, but never mistake that it\’s too late to make ourselves more awake by changing our flawed ways and going back to the roots of our Faith… God\’s Grace.

… Amen… May the beauty of God\’s Grace shine bright in your Face, so long as you embrace the Face of God\’s beauty through His Teachings of Enlightenment and Poetic Grace (can you guess what I\’m referring to here…???).

and now… I feel my soul ready to finally surrender to Sleep…. i seriously need to get some rest to face more of L.I.F.E.\’s test… I leave you with this to digest… In God\’s Kingdom (Heaven) you Invest, in the devil\’s kitchen (hell) is at your soul\’s own expense.

-M.O.E.C.A.S.H.™ ©2010.

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