\”Don\’t hide who you really are, you\’re one of God\’s creations living amongst the stars\” the voice said to me, it continued: \”Life is a battlefield, you must earn your scars, always keep Faith and Hope deep within your Heart, never despair because once you do you won\’t care, so just remember Allah is always there\”

I replied: \”Life ain\’t Fair and a lotta people don\’t even care, I know that for a Fact that\’s why I pray so I may stay on track, I see beyond the colors and have formed my pact, with our 1 and only Creator to keep my sanity intact. This world is driving me insane, sometimes I feel like blowin my brains, forgive me if I loose patience but I\’m really tryin my utmost best to maintain, I sometimes get caught up by the illusions so vain, but then I remember from Whom and Where I came, that deep down at our core we are all the same, yet we are all different in unique ways, I ask God to open up the path of righteousness to all who genuinely pray for a better day… Send us more Angels, more Wisdom, we need the Guidance, we need Help down here.\”

The voice got stern: \”Why should we send more Angels? So humankind can just kill them like they killed all the others? God has shown mercy over and over and over again but still humankind spat in His face… And now, you want Mercy… MERCY from his Almighty\’s Grace?\”

I interrupted: \”Forgive our race… Most do not know their place, I know we\’ve disgraced, and it makes me feel ashamed, but I know who\’s to blame. The one that lives damned eternally in fire and flames, the coward that corrupts and tempts, that infiltrates our hearts with hate so we must block all his foolish attempts…. \”

The voice took a more soothing tone: \”Alas… it is true, but what will you do… ? How will you fight to increase God\’s light?\”

I replied: \”Though I don\’t have God\’s infinite might, Faith-Spirituality-Devotion keep my soul bright so I can see afar close and know what\’s coming if it\’s wrong or right, I am no prophet no messenger no just me a humble servant ready to REPRESENT… Help me Help us Help the Righteous to Trust in our Faith and never let that Faith turn to Rust or else our soul\’s will go bust!\”

The voice didn\’t reply… I let out a sigh… was this a dream… was it all a dream…. when will I WAKE UP FROM THIS DREAM…. ahhhhhhhh


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