This blog was inspired from a Facebook friend I met not too long ago. Thank you Miss SallyAnn, I hope this will shed some light on the subject of why we should NEVER sell our Soul.

So there are several \’Schools of Thought\’ about what\’s gonna happen to us after we die….I will discuss the 3 most common ones.

This school of thought is based on Atheism. No need for explanations here, since one does not believe that a God does exist (I just think they\’re in denial, but that\’s my opinion) and that there isn\’t any real goals to achieve other than living, having fun while you can and then dying. There\’s no real concept of afterlife or reincarnation here. You die, and well, that\’s it!
In this way of thinking, there\’s no God, so there\’s no Spirit, so there\’s no Soul… you don\’t really have a Soul to sell because you don\’t don\’t believe in the concept of its existence in the first place. If you did, you wouldn\’t believe that after you die, it\’s over, you\’ll know something should happen to that Soul.

Another school of thought is the one based on only spirituality, which is the concept of Reincarnation: your soul keeps going and coming back in this world, each life reflecting how you were in the previous one, and the goal is to reach a \’spiritual release\’ from this world through total and complete enlightenment. This school of thought, there is No notion of a Divine Creator. In essence, No God so no Adam and Eve, no Jesus or Moses or Muhammad (peace be upon them all).

In this case, and this case alone, if this is what you believe, basically, a cycle of lives where God doesn\’t exist, and the only purpose is spiritual release from the physical form, through complete enlightenment… than yea, perhaps then you can sell your Soul.. but if the purpose of reincarnation is complete enlightenment in order to achieve freedom from this physical form, why would you go sell your most important tool in that pursuit?! It\’s like saying \”I\’m gonna take out my brain so I can think clearly and become a doctor\” How the fuck can you think clearly if you got no brain, you\’re not going anywhere buddy, let alone become a doctor (or anything else for that matter).

The next life ain\’t about correcting or applying the knowledge learned from this life… It\’s about reaping what we\’ve sown from it. This is from the school of thought based on Faith, where we live 1 life, it\’s the test, Judgment is the Trial… and depending on our actions in this world, we either end up in Heaven or Hell.
In this case, because you acknowledge God\’s existence, you know that selling your Soul ain\’t the smartest decision to make, because without it, you lack the fiber of your consciousness and awareness, leading you to make unsound choices in life, which then lead to Hell… which is not the purpose of this life. The goal is Paradise and Eternal Bliss in God\’s Kingdom, the reward of dealing with all the pain-misery-suffering of this current world.

My personal school of thought is… You cannot Live without Your Spirit Nor Your Soul, you need Both of Them to Survive and to make it in the Next life, and the Next life is not a reincarnation, it is either Heaven or Hell. However… I do believe in the concept of reincarnation, but not in the sense where we die and come back to life over and over and over. In the sense that, in this 1 life, we can reincarnate or EVOLVE if you will, over and over and over again, and the goal is most definitely to reach Complete Enlightenment. Mental or Intellectual Reincarnation, learning from our mistakes in this life and applying them right away in this life.

This is the way of Faith, Spirituality and Devotion… knowing that yea, there is a Heaven or Hell waiting for all of us, but that we can intellectually reincarnate, in other words EVOLVE, throughout this 1 opportunity at life, so we can make better, wiser more sound decisions, NOT to sell our Soul, but to keep it intact as much as possible, so we can have the ability to learn lessons thought itand come to self-realization in this lifetime, giving us more chances at Paradise and Eternal Bliss in the here-after. But… that\’s just my way of thinking….

I know I wrote a novel here… So, if you\’ve read this far, CONGRATS. I hope I was able to enlighten minds.


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