In my List of 10 Resolutions for Personal Evolution that I wrote back in December \’09, my number 1 was increasing Faith, Spirituality and Devotion. I am praying more than before, and it feels GREAT. I am also on the hunt for more spiritual knowledge and wisdom. I came across an online video series, from the same people who put together the ingenious and extremely well-crafted \’The Arrivals\’ series. It\’s called \’The Divine Book\’.

Basically, the purpose of this series is to bridge the gap between Christianity and Islam, make us see how much common ground we share with each other and also demonstrate the beauty of The Glorious Qu\’ran. What I truly appreciated about this series is that the makers are not there trying to alienate Christians and convert them into Islam, nope. Rather they\’re simply presenting insight and information to convey the message: One God, One Message. Which is what I\’ve always believed in.

I strongly suggest you watch this series with family, friends or your loved one (like I did for my 1 year Anniversary with my dearest woman, who is a Christian by the way, but we both love God so much so, that it makes understanding one another and communicating our beliefs much more simple and straightforward– in any event, as I was saying…). For some, it will be a review of what they already know, for others, they will discover new facts they weren\’t yet aware about.

Sending MAD RESPECT (i.e. that means A LOT of RESPECT!) to the brothers and sisters at, they\’re doing an amazing job mashaAllah, I hope they will continue to enlighten the world with more spiritual wisdom.

To watch THE DIVINE BOOK – Click here to go to the Website.

Enjoy and make sure you share it with others. Let\’s Build More Unity in our Worldwide Community. MAXIMUM BLESSINGZ!!!

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