1) Pray/Meditate EACH and EVERY single day. Talk to God, read the Quran, kneel and pray, increase all spirituality-enhancing and enlightenment activities. Gotta take it to the next level.

2) Take my Health more seriously & get back in shape. Quitting smoking in \’09 was great, but that was half the battle. Next half is haul my chubby ass back to the Gym, ASAP!

3) Pick one of my Entrepreneurial Projects, Focus on it, PERFECT IT, Build It, Invest all my energy and efforts on it, watch it grow, do that for each one of them, one at at time, one by one. Build a list of all the ideas I have that I WANT to ACCOMPLISH, whether it\’s in 2010 or the year after, I WILL GET THROUGH THEM EACH ONE BY ONE!!!

4) MAKE MORE MUSIC!!! That being said, already got back in the studio, and 2 tracks recorded so far. Not sure if they will ever get released, but it\’s helping me get back in the music production grind… and I LOVE IT.

5) Keep Building Introspective Records International Enterprise (IRIE), but don\’t let that consume all my time and attention. Balance business administration with music creation!

6) The M.O.E.C.A.S.H. Chronicles will serve as an outlet to speak my mind on anything and everything, as well as to keep supporters up to date with projects. Keep it organized, insightful, informative as well as entertaining.

7) Spend Less, SAVE/INVEST More and Go On a REAL vacation, projected time should be in Nov\’2010 inshaAllah.

8) Stay humble, no matter what happens. If money comes my way, or if I win the lottery which I never play, always STAY HUMBLE. Keep the Pride & Ego in Check.

9) Stop Working for or Helping other Artists FOR FREE. I\’m great at what I do, I believe in myself, I can make GREAT things happen, but NOT FOR FREE, we all got bills to pay. Nobody will appreciate the work I do for them, or give me due recognition or respect if I\’m too damn generous to a fault. Can\’t be too greedy, or too generous, must strike the perfect BALANCE.

10) The most IMPORTANT of All: Stop beating myself down when things don\’t work out the way I had hoped they would, ALWAYS IN ALL WAYS KEEP THE FAITH, Maintain my Honor and Integrity, as well as Continue to Patiently Persevere. Caving In and Giving Up or Staying Down are NOT options. Failures will happen, but don\’t let them stop me, learn from them and KEEP MOVING AHEAD.

I make a Pledge unto Myself to KEEP all these Ten Resolutions for my own Personal Evolution, I am making a Pact directly with GOD ALMIGHTY as of right now (and forever always) to stay close unto Him so He may Help me, Guide me and Assist me to Achieve each of those goals that I have just set for myself.

As of 2010 and onwards, My Personal Motto will be:
Discipline, Determination, Drive, Diligence and Duty.

In God\’s name, by His Will and His will alone, I SHALL AND I WILL SUCCEED, AMEN!!!

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