2009 REBLOGGED: The Truth About the 2009 Gaza Holocaust

It\’s been one heckuva year for the world and for The M.O.E.C.A.S.H. Chronicles™ as well. Lots of blog posts this year, it feels great to see the TMC grow. If the Chronicles has touched people\’s souls the right away, enlightened, empowered or at least entertained, than it has served its purpose. I look forward to sharing more Wisdom and Wit in the coming year.

To mark the end of \’09, and count down the beginning of a brand new calendar year, I will reBlog some of my personal favorite posts from these past 12 months. Ready to go down memory lane? Let\’s DO IT!

2 Double 0 Nine started off very rocky…

January 18, 2009: The Truth About the 2009 Gaza Holocaust

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