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Wanted to recommend a documentary I watched it\’s called, Food, Inc. Besides the fact that it is somewhat long and drawn out, it is jam-packed with information about the Food industry, a side they don\’t want you to know about or to see.

It is sad, but the truth is what it is… and the more I discover about our world in this day and age, the more I\’m ashamed how we let ourselves get to this point.

The rabbit hole keeps getting deeper and deeper… The more you find out about humankind\’s faulty ways, because we\’ve let ourselves get deceived by the devil\’s illusions of delusions, the more you gain a better global understanding why the world is in the condition it is in. We\’ve become an over-consuming society that feeds the problem, and starves the solution.

I believe the first step is awareness, after that it\’s action. To know is one thing, to act upon that which we discover is another…. and that\’s the biggest step for many. It is time for humankind to change its ways of self-enslaving self-destruction… We\’re working for the machine to make the rich ever richer and they love having that sort of control over us. Knowing that we need their job to be able to survive, to be able to buy food, to pay for our lodging (whether it\’s renting or buying), that\’s what they strive on… to have us locked up and chained (metaphorically speaking, but in some cases around the world, it\’s still realistically speaking)… to become easily expendable.

Food, Inc. is a great example of humankind\’s shortcoming in terms of allowing industrialization dominate and overpower agriculture to the point that farmers are not working in the people\’s interest, but in the interest of corporations whose sole interest are not the consumers but the stockholders, so in the end it\’s all about the bottom line… The Profit Margin and how fat it is, regardless of how unhealthy and fat that makes the rest of the population, it\’s the fatness of their wallets that matters most to them. So overproduce in quantities unheard of in order to keep costs as low as legally-accountable as can be, screw over whoever and make sure that you and I, we the People, who work hard for our money and have a say where we spend it (or do we?- that\’s another topic for another time) don\’t have a single clue what\’s going on so we can continue spending and buying even if it\’s at our own health\’s, psychological, financial, moral and ethical expense. It\’s amazing how the system is so well-designed to keep us ignorant, blind, numb and dumb.

Anyways, go out and buy or rent this documentary, watch it alone or with friends, it\’s very informative. Btw, I get not a single dime from \’promoting\’ this documentary, just so people don\’t get it twisted about my motivations… I do it to Entertain but most importantly, to Enlighten and Empower.

-Maximum Blessingz

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