This right hurrr is a beautiful song, the type of jam you dedicate to your loved one. I\’m sending this one out to all you lovebirds out thurrr, life ain\’t easy, love ain\’t either, but no matter what happens, hang in there. Trust me, it ain\’t about what\’s out there, it\’s about what you got inside you, and whom you share that with, if that person appreciates, cherishes, respects, reciprocates and values it… that\’s called Love.

Sing it for them, Musiq… Enjoy.

Btw, I know this time of year, the single folks tend to get more lonely than usual. Lemme say this, to get Love, you must give it. To find Love, you must be found. Don\’t even think for a minute that you\’re meant to be alone all your life and that you don\’t deserve happiness– that\’s the type of mentality that WILL keep you lonely. Know that you deserve Love, and love is all a matter of time -fo\’real- so be patient, and trust when I say, when you least expect it, it\’ll blossom with the right person… in the meantime, just plant the seed of love in your heart and keep the Faith.

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