In the world of the Anti-Christ, which is the one in which we live in in case you haven\’t noticed, appearance and reality are completely opposite to one another. Appearance and reality are opposite of each other, because things are not what they appear to be… What appears to be a certain way, in reality, is not what it seems.

The Anti-Christ, a false Prophet and an agent of evil, by definition and by consensus by all the faiths, is known to be a… Deceiver. The true Christ, on the other hand, is a real Prophet, a blessed believer, a messenger of God….

When the times comes, will you recognize who\’s who and follow the righteous one… or will you be amongst those who will be deceived? What are you doing to prepare yourself for that day? I know, most people don\’t want to think about it, we\’re too busy paying bills and caught up in the routine of life, it\’s too scary or daunting to even think the world might possibly come to an end in our lifetime. Whether or not it does, it\’s always better to be prepared… well, that\’s my opinion.

Thus, to help prepare spiritually as well as mentally, I offer the following prayer unto God, that I share with you… Men and women can judge me all they want, it won\’t phase me because I know that the gateway to Paradise is not granted by them… entry is granted only by 1… Our One Universal Creator, God. Like the late brother Tupac Shakur (R.I.P.) said: ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME.


Oh Dear God-Dieu-Allah, show me things as they really are, that I might not be deceived by what they appear to be. Open my soul\’s eyes and cast away the devil\’s hypnotism, make me see beyond the illusions and confusions of this world so I can heal and be healed, lead others as You lead me. I submit myself entirely to Your Will and Your Will Only. Guide me unto the Righteous Path, Strengthen my Faith, Empower my Courage, Feed me Wisdom and Enlighten my mind. Help me so I can be more of service unto You and towards my brothers and sisters of humanity.

Oh God-Dieu-Allah, I ask of You to show my brothers and sisters of humanity, all of the ones with Faith and whom who hold Unwavering Conviction in Your Will, that the only way unto the Light is through the Righteous way… The Way You\’ve taught us time and time again with all the Messengers/Prophets You sent forth unto humanity as a sign of mercy, love and guidance. Open their hearts, help them overcome the voices of the demons that rot our soul from inside, so we can all rise up united against the Anti-Christ. Awaken my Righteous brothers and sisters of humanity, to see beyond the materialism and superficiality, which holds their spirit captive, caged in and kept away from spiritual evolution, enlightenment, development and growth. Empower their Faith so they can break FREE of the cycle of anger, animosity, abuse and abomination. Bring all people of all Your Faith together to respect each other, learn to understand and trust one another, and overcome the inner mutiny caused by sectarian political-based power-and-control-motivated violence.

Finally… Oh Almighty Heavenly Creator of the Universe I pray unto Thee and Only Thee, some call You Father, others call You Lord, some say Allah, other say God or Dieu, bestow upon us Your mercy and forgiveness, many of us who have Faith have sinned in this lifetime, but it is through our errors that we learned not to repeat them, and it is through our mistakes that we understood the Lessons you were teaching us… Lessons to make us wiser, stronger, better, more humble and courageous. Bring all of us together, help us bond in Faith so we can build in Humility a Unity that will Face the Adversity of our Common Enemy… We patiently await the return of the true Prophet, Jesus Christ (pbuh) and before him, El-Mahdi. Until then, bless the righteous and protect all the believers from the evil of the deceivers and disbelievers.

With all of my Love
With all of my Faith
With all of my Soul
Ameen… Amen.

– Mohammad a.k.a. Man Of Entity Calling All Spiritual Humanity.

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