Last Sunday, I attended my first music video shoot, for Karl Wolf\’s upcoming single \”Hurting\”.

Set in a boxing event, I was part of the spectators cheering on Wolf. We had to yell our lungs off, suffice to say I almost lost my voice but I ain\’t complaining cuz I had lots of fun taking part in Karl\’s project. Speaking of which, the brother directs his own music videos, he\’s definitely involved in all aspects of his artistic career and music, that\’s always something I respect in artists. The more you do for yourself, the more others will be willing to help you, the further you will go… trust, those are words of wisdom every artist should heed to, fo\’real.

Anyways, the point of this post was to share with you, my loyal reader, a glimpse into the video shoot with this very short clip. I ain\’t got the best digital cam, so bare with the sound quality and not to mention my voice, like I said we were screaming our heads off, this was recorded in between takes.

And if you\’re a Facebookian, check out the pics too – CLICK RIGHT HURRR.

Looking forward to see how the video turns out. I\’ll keep y\’all posted when Karl releases it.

-Maximum Blessingz

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