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If you\’re a man and you take offense to any part of the proceeding post, checkity-check yourself before your wreckity-wreck yourself.

Men and Egos… An Ongoing Inner Power Struggle. The Bigger the Ego, the Bigger the Insecurity, the more childhood scars are probably being concealed out of fear of humiliation, the more Therapy is highly recommended, or even better, Spiritual Meditation, it helps center the Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul. The more I get deeper into the Music Industry and keep meeting more and more people, the more I realize, there\’s a lot of insecure guys out there. They usually cover it up with their Ego, and pretend they\’re all tough, or suave or better than me, not knowing that I simply couldn\’t give a flying fuck what they or anybody else thinks of me. I don\’t think they get it yet, but soon they will, I ain\’t living to be cool in everybody\’s eyes, I do it for our one universal almighty God.

It\’s funny cuz I think I naturally make some men feel threatened, unintentionally of course, so they end up trynna size me up. Those are the funniest dudes ever. Here\’s some common sense and bare-bone wisdom for my male counterparts: STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS, SET YOUR OWN GOALS AND GO ACCOMPLISH THEM. FYI: that\’s also how you get noticed by women. By the way, how you treat women, is how men will treat your daughter(s) in the future, remember that. And that\’s a message to all the \’playaz\’ out thurr, just give it up, Sex is NEVER about Quantity… It\’s about QUALITY, but obviously, we\’re brainwashed through the media otherwise, that we gotta get as many women as we can. Says WHO?!

Some men are so under the control of their egos, they end up self-sabotaging themselves…. Perfect examples are (and I\’ll use references from mainstream pop culture to get my point across) Tiger Woods and his Sex Scandal Saga, or before him Kanye West and his Secret Obssession with Beyonce or the limelight/attention or BOTH (who knows and NO, I ain\’t starting rumors). Look I ain\’t passing judgment, but guys like that are BEGGING to get judged. I definitely disagree with that sort of behavior, but that\’s why it\’s important to KEEP YOUR EGOS IN CHECK (and your D**K in your pants).

Some guys and their egos, they let it get the best of them… it\’s truly sad, especially when you\’re not trynna steal their shine or ride on their coat-tails, but since that\’s all they know, they usually assume that\’s what you\’re trynna do too. They need to chillax, we\’re not all after the same thing.

Then you got fellas who they think that just cuz they got more wealth than you, or a higher academic degree than you, or read more books than you than that officially makes them better than you. (moment of silence in remembrance of their humility, may it rest in peace). First of all, man made the money, money NEVER made the man, that\’s something LL COOL J said way back, true wisdom indeed. And 2nd of all, ain\’t no PhD in The Science & Art of Living Life, Facing Reality, Raising Children and Knowing how to make the Wisest Choices, so even though Education is very important, it still won\’t teach you how to survive in the \’real\’ world. In the end, it\’s you, the database of knowledge (in and outta school) that you\’ve accumulated so far in life and your gut instinct. 3rd of all, materialistic wealth holds no weight in God\’s eyes, it\’s richness of your soul and depth of your wisdom that counts in the end. So place your ego and faith in that, you\’ll see, you\’ll be on the righteous path in no time.

How I know all this, it\’s cuz to most people I might seem \’slow\’ or \’not all there\’, but in reality, I am so tuned in to my muthablessin surrounding environment while simultaneously being so connected to all the energy around me that reading body language becomes second nature… Not saying I\’m gifted, just in tune and in touch. Anyways, back to the topic…

You can detect what type a person a guy is just by checking their behavioral patterns, which is directly linked to how they manage their egos. The less the guy is in control of his ego, the more arrogant/ignorant he tends to be, which in return makes them stubborn or defensive, and trust me brothers, that\’s not the type of man a genuine woman is after. The more the man has his ego in check, the more humble and noble he\’ll tend to be… the more he\’ll tend to be attractive in women\’s eyes too.

I think I\’ll stop here for now…. there\’s more I wanted to say but what I hoped was gonna end up being a quick blizzog, turned out to be longer than I originally anticipated. I\’ll continue on this topic next time. Gotta go work on that beat I started producing yesterday.

Maximum Blessingz.

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