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First off, please click and read the following article just so you can be \’up on thangs\’ > Obama Defends U.S. Wars As He Accepts Nobel Prize

You know it\’s edging ever so closer to the End Of The World and Judgment Day, when you got an agency that promotes extra-marital affairs (I ain\’t gonna name it cuz I ain\’t gonna give it any promo on my blizzog – if you know you know, if not you\’ll find out sooner or later), the in-thing in style nowadays are knee-high boots (which while I was growing up was very well known as Hooker Boots, boots you see Prostitutes wearing), most commercial music videos are all selling the same souled out superficial materialistic promiscuous lifestyle AND if that ain\’t enough, amongst other signs, a hypocritical war-mongering monster is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. It Makes Me SICK!!!

I see so many people all over the world still blinded by Obama\’s alluring charm (I was once too but thank goodness, God opened my eyes) and how can you blame them? The man knows how to give great speeches, he definitely knows his way with words and is pretty damn convincing, till you realize he\’s related to Bush and Cheney. But as we all know, talk is CHEAP and actions speak louder than sophisticated-sounding sentences. I can\’t believe he has the audacity to defend the two biggest bullshit wars, the ones in Afghanistan and Iraq, citing the same lame load of crap we heard before, but you know what… he sugar coats it sooo well that I\’m sure he can sell snow to an Eskimo, then take over the poor Eskimo\’s land and sell it back to him. If Obama\’s ain\’t the anti-Christ himself, than he\’s a damn good P.R. Specialist for the New World Order. How else can you explain the work of a man who promised to end the wars during his election campaign, gets elected, a year goes by and the wars he clearly promised to end are not only going, but he\’s sending in MORE TROOPS?!?!? And the cherry that tops the cake, gets awarded the PEACE PRIZE?!?!

Please, for your own sake, unplug your most valuable intellectual resource from the TV-matrix and put that mind muscle (i.e. your brain) into action, feed it knowledge and wisdom, not just video games and music videos. I say, don\’t fall for the empty rhetoric, eloquently written speeches designed to fool you, consider the actions and the underlying message(s). In all honesty, like everyone else around the muthablessin\’ globe, I was seriously hoping for a Leader that not only created Positive & Progressive Change but followed thru with his actions and behavior, and not only for his people but for humankind as well…. yet, more and more, all I am witnessing is Obama still continuing the agenda of his superiors (hmmm, I wonder who that might be??? -if you don\’t know by now, you need to research and Catch Up).

I said it before and I\’ll say it again:

Different Presidents, SAME Puppetmaster.


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