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If not enough people stand up and use their God-given voice to demand justice, than expect to live with injustice. So to all who say, \’We CANT Change The World\’, or that \’We\’re Powerless, there\’s nothing we can do, we should give up\’, WRONG! Your Fear of Fighting For Justice Renders you Helpless. The cure for that izzzz… FAITH.

Fear paralyzes.


Why you think they\’re trying to— my bad, I mean, why you think they have been working real hard to destroy the image of God and religions and cause us to fight amongst ourselves and kill each other…??? Why you think they\’ve done everything possible to rip off God\’s wisdom and replace it with lies than sell you that as the truth. Why do you think since God sent messengers for OUR sake, they\’ve worked real hard to abolish God\’s knowledge, by tarnishing the image of Prophets, instigating \’holy wars\’ (thats the biggest oxymoron ever!)? Why you think they are breaking down the credibility of every monotheist religion, each one by one??? It aint all just a mere coincidence. I wish it wasn\’t so, I pray it ain\’t so each and every night, deep in my heart I do, but truth is… just by looking around me, I see illusions and deceptions, materialism and superficiality. And trust me, I aint tryin to be cynical or paranoid here, I\’m just facing the facts and dealing with REALITY.

Don\’t tell me, this is how the world is supposed to be, inequality, wars, injustice, oppression, tyranny, you\’d be lying to yourself AND to humankind. Deny the truth all you want, but it is what it is, so either realize there\’s no point and no benefit to you (and to your loved ones) whatsoever in ignoring the truth that\’s right in front of all of our eyes or…. do the wise thing, learn to deal with it, research the facts for yourself and put that powerful mind muscle (i.e. the brain) to good use. I\’m not saying we\’re not doing that already, but we should really explore all the potentials of our brain\’s capacity, who knows what we\’ll discover. But anyways, that\’s besides the point… so getting back TO the point…

I dont expect a utopian society, but it doesnt mean I can\’t pray for a righteous movement to incite a progressive shift within humankind. If you\’ve read this far, GOD BLESS YOU. I made a prayer as I wrote this, that God sends people my way so I may open their eyes, and touch their soul some how some way… if you\’re here, it\’s cuz my prayers reached you. If you\’re down with what I\’ve said, lemme hear you scream (or at least, see your reply): FAITH OVER FEAR!!!

Amen and Maximum Blessingz

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